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Why Choose Massie Law

Client-Centered Approach ~ The goal is to reduce the stress associated with your legal situation by explaining every step of the process and taking the time to answer your questions. Massie Law doesn’t want clients confused and lacking control in what happens in their case

T he Office of Massie Law is dedicated and focused to zealously advocate for their clients in State and Federal criminal and civil matters.  Providing sound legal advice throughout your case, making the process less stressful, and coordinating all information with our most important asset, our client.  When you are facing civil litigation issues, or needing representation in a criminal matter, Massie Law can provided the needed assistance, legal knowledge, and dedication clients want from a law firm.

Massie Law represents clients who have been charged in Federal or State Criminal Court.  If you are facing a felony, misdemeanor, DUI, or a traffic-offense, clients will have their Constitutional, legal, and human rights fought for in court. clients face different issues when presented with a criminal charge; Massie Law helps clients decide the best course of action based on the evidence, legal rights, and procedural rights of each case.  Massie Law is here to help.

Civil litigation issues can be very confusing, stressful, and life changing.  Massie Law spends the time and energy needed to help clients understand the process, so clients can make a better decision on the matters that have impacted them. Advocating for a client requires knowledge, skill and understanding of the court system and legal issues, it also means there needs to be dedication, active listening, and compassion for each client.  Allow Massie Law to represent you in your next legal matter.

Attorney Massie

Simon Massie is the managing partner at Massie Law, PLLC. He represents clients in civil cases involving seriously bodily injury, auto accidents, property damages, and mold issues. He also represents clients in criminal matters involving serious RICO charges, fraud, drug charges, all the way down to DWI and traffic infractions. Mr. Massie received his Bachelors in Political Science at California State University Fresno, go Bulldogs. He received his law degree from Charlotte School of Law in 2013, and has been practicing ever since.


SSimon Massie is admitted to practice before the North Carolina State Bar, the Western District of North Carolina, 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, the North Carolina Court of Appeals, and the North Carolina Supreme Court. Mr. Massie’s professional affiliations include the Young Lawyers Division, Mecklenburg County Young Lawyer Division, Mecklenburg County Sports Committee, Commission of the Volley Ball Lawyer League, and the North Carolina State Bar Justice and Judiciary Committee. 

    Mr. Massie has broad experience in the practice of law. He has represented clients in criminal matters from small infractions, to Federal criminal matters, all the way to the 4thCircuit Court of Appeals. In addition, he has also represented clients in civil matters from North Carolina State Court all the way to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Furthermore, he handles many legal matters outside of the court of law, such as car accidents and property disputes. He understands the details, many forums, and faces of the law. He is dedicated to his clients and won’t give up on them, even if they have a hard time fighting for what they want from the law.

     Mr. Massie has a 5.0 rating on google reviews. His clients know he fights for them, his clients understand what the process entails for their specific case, and they are able to make an informed decision based on the information that Mr. Massie has provided them. He wants the client to know that their case is important to them, he is just the conduit they are working to obtain the remedy they are seeking. Mr. Massie is here to fight for you and his clients agree

Practice Areas

With this principle serving as the foundation of our work, our attorneys work tirelessly to defend clients charged with criminal matters ranging from minor misdemeanors related to drug possession to felony charges for homicide.

Massie Law is here to help clients fight for their rights, to be heard in court, and to have their legal arguments articulated to the tribunal incorporating how and why the situation they found themselves in, isn’t what the government is claiming occurred. Massie Law works with the clients to help them understand the charges, evidence, and procedures of the court to come up with the best solution for their situation

DWI’s are a serious matter. Recent laws have become strict in punishments clients might be facing. Massie Law wants to find the best solution for the situation you find yourself in. Exploring whether a stop by the police was legally permissible, how the officer conducted the stop and investigation into the DWI, and any booking procedures that were not conducted in accordance with your Constitutional rights. The many issues involved in a DWI, Massie Law will advocate for you when you are faced with one. Let us help.

Civil Litigation has many moving parts and complicated issues arising at a moment’s notice. Personal injury, property damage, accidents, and more involve civil litigation and each case feeds into how best to move forward. If you believe there is a need for a remedy in your situation. Contact Massie Law, tell us about the issue, so our office can help you in the best way possible.




The office of Massie Law is dedicated and focused to zealously advocate for their clients in State and Federal criminal and civil matters.


Po Box 562027

122 N. McDowell St.

Charlotte, NC 28204


Email:      smassie@massie-law.com

Phone:    704-295-8650

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